Vietnam and beyond
Luxury Journeys with MQ

Overwhelmed by the vast possibilities and components of organising your trip?

MQ’s Luxury Journeys is here to lay out the pathway to Asia’s heartwarming culture and beyond.

Uncover idyllic beaches, virgin jungles, and furthermore embark on your personalised tour with our hand selected guides that will bring you to fascinating heritage sites with a splash of modern cities, and of course indulge in flavourful local cuisines.

With our head office stationed in Vietnam, we offer Veteran tours: luxurious service but with an affordable price in honor for the War Veterans to revisit their past.


In the May 2017 issue of International Travel News, a satisfied customer writes: Myriam is Swiss, but she has lived in Southeast Asia for more than 20 years, so she is familiar with both Western tastes and local cultures. We felt this was key in putting together this most impressive trip in Myanmar. She and her agency also arrange tours of other Southeast Asian countries, as well as tours to Iran and Mongolia. If we decide to go to any of these countries, she and her team will be the only people we contact. Byron Flateland’s travel story

… a ship from the British Empire, a captain singing karaoke, spirits at dawn: Our clients Martin Schacht and Ken Schluchtmann traveled down the mudd ‘on the road to Mandalay’. Off the beaten river path

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